A Movement of God: Amos Gives a Promise of Revival? (Part 2)

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In chapter 9 Amos’ prophesies shift from speaking of judgment to speaking about a movement of God and the ruins being rebuilt. What is he speaking about and who does this apply to? Is Amos speaking of an abundant ingathering of souls? And if so, when is that harvest?

0:00 – Do the prophets focus too much on judgment?
4:00 – Amos 9.11, we have a shift from judgment.
13:02 – Is this message consistent with the New Testament?
14:54 – “In that day”? When is this?
19:55 – Does the New Testament quote this? Acts 15.
27:02 – James is saying that what they were seeing was what Amos prophesied would happen.
34:20 – Amos is making a promise that there is a connection between the House of David and us Gentiles (non-Jews).
45:40 – If this belongs to us, then where is the harvest?
50:52 – A flow of God-given blessing? Is this “grape” country?
1:02:10 – What does he mean that ruins will be rebuilt?
1:05:06 – Do you think this is really saying that God will plant the Jews in Palestine forever?
1:08:07 – There is a harvest coming.
1:16:05 – Closing prayer.