Have You Known Great Grief and Sweet Sorrows?

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Have you experienced great grief in your life when a loved one died who was not a believer? Or have you experienced the sweet sorrow that comes when a loved one dies and departs to be with Christ? Let us consider Isaiah 53, which speaks of Jesus as the man of sorrows. The older we get, the more we will know death as a community of believers in our local church.

[Table of Contents]
0:00 – Isaiah 53
1:37 – Opening prayer.
2:31 – Theme: Sweet Sorrows and Good Grief
12:13 – Aim this morning: A biblical view of grief and sorrow.
13:51 – First – A world of sorrows.
25:02 – Excerpt from an article Tim Challies’ wrote on the death of his son.
27:42 – Second – A Man of sorrows.
43:58 – Closing prayer.