God’s Nightingales Sing In The Dark

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In the midst of our affliction, let’s heed Paul’s words. Despite the challenges, he speaks of overflowing joy. He reminds us to rejoice in our sufferings and to be sorrowful yet always rejoicing. Though tears, sorrows, and groans are real, in the darkness of suffering, God calls us to sing.

Consider this: I found this recording on my phone. Listen closely. Do you recognize the bird’s song? Let’s hear it again. This is a mockingbird. Did you know that? In England, it’s akin to what we call a nightingale, stemming from Old English, meaning “night singer.”

I recall an experience during a total eclipse in Uvalde. As darkness enveloped us, the world fell silent. Imagine that: amidst their trials, silence reigns, or perhaps there’s squawking and complaining akin to a raven. Yet, God desires us to sing like the nightingale, even in the darkest moments.

Amidst trials, we have two paths: a righteous response or an unrighteous one. To sing amid the world’s complaints, we must count, calculate, and ponder. Let’s consider this deeply.

0:00 – Opening Prayer
0:39 – A Series on the Book of James
2:20 – Which James Is This Who Wrote the Letter?
9:25 – What Should We Emphasize About the Book of James?
12:59 – Considering the Text
14:53 – Are You Joyful in the Trials You Are Facing Right Now?
22:32 – Nightingales Sing in the Dark
25:02 – Let Us Do Some Counting, Some Thinking…
37:49 – What Happens When You Face Your Trials With Joy?
39:34 – How Should We Think When in a Trial?
43:00 – Testing of Faith Produces Steadfastness
52:44 – If We Are Going to Sing in Our Trials We Must Realize That the Affliction Is Light
58:48 – People Are Watching You as You Are Suffering, What Are They Witnessing?