The Wisdom Giving God: Are You Asking?

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Believer, do you consistently seek wisdom from the LORD? Wisdom encompasses more than just knowledge; it entails the righteous application of knowledge in one’s life. You don’t have any wisdom if you know the right way and you don’t go down it. Believer, we need to diligently pursue wisdom, as it forms the foundation for making righteous decisions and leading a life that pleases God.

0:00 Introduction
3:29 Who Should Be the Wisest People on Earth?
7:26 What Is Wisdom?
15:14 Tim’s Definition of Wisdom After Considering the Context of Scripture
32:40 Wisdom or Weightlifting?
34:45 The First Motive for Asking for Wisdom Is Need
42:17 God Does Not Reprove You for Coming to Him for Wisdom
49:58 James Now Warns Us Against Doubt