Pressing On After the Death Of A Spouse

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Susannah Spurgeon – Ten Years After (London: Passmore and Alabaster, 1895), pp. 6-7.

I can see two pilgrims treading the highway of life together, hand in hand, heart linked to heart. True, they’ve had rivers to ford, mountains to cross, fierce enemies to fight and many dangers to go through. But their guide was watchful, their deliverer unfailing and of them, it might truly be said in all their affliction, he was afflicted. And the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and in his pity He redeemed them. And he bare them and carried them all the days of old. Mostly, they went on their way, singing. And for one of them, at least, there was no greater joy than to tell others of the grace and glory of the blessed king to whose land he was hastening. And while he thus spoke, the power of the Lord was seen and the angels rejoiced over repenting sinners. But at last, they came to a place on the road where two ways met. And here, amidst the terrors of a storm, such as they had never before encountered, they parted company. The one being caught up to the invisible glory and the other battered and bruised by the awful tempest, henceforth toiling along the road alone. But the goodness and mercy, which for so many years had followed, the two travelers did not leave the solitary one, rather did the tenderness of the Lord lead on softly and choose green pastures for the tired feet and still waters for the solace and refreshment of his trembling child. He gave, moreover, into her hands a solemn charge to help fellow pilgrims along the road there with filling her life with blessed interest and healing her own deep sorrow by giving her power to relieve and comfort others.