Are You Too Proud to Receive Help?

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Well, what are some byproducts of good works and good deeds? One of the byproducts is humbling of pride. It humbles me to serve you. It humbles you to serve me. It humbles me to be served by you. Have you ever met someone that was too proud to receive help? It’s a humbling thing to have someone come and want to help you, just out of love for you to do something for you. They don’t want to be paid like a worker or an employee. They just want to help. Well, it’s kind of a humbling thing. I’m humbled to have you come and help me. And, so the humbling of pride is a byproduct of doing good works and good deeds for one another. It humbles the person that is giving the help. They want to come under and help out in whatever they can. It humbles the person receiving it, to have someone come and help. Have you ever tried to help someone and they woudn’t receive it? “I don’t need any help.” Instantly, you can see the pride there, right? And you men – your wife asks you to carry the groceries in or something like that. And what do we always try and do? We try with both arms with bags full; we try and hang things from our fingers, and we try to get it all in one trip because we’re proud men, and she says, “Let me get the door for you,” “No, I don’t need any help.” Right? “No, I got it, I got it.” And we’re juggling everything around and we drop the gallon of milk on the floor and make a big mess. Why? Because we were too proud to receive help from someone. And we’re like that. And we all laugh, but we’re like that. I know I am. That’s why we never look at the map, men, when we go out some place. We’re too proud. The wife gets the map out and she says, “well, maybe you ought to be…” “I don’t need that.” “I got it, I think I’ll just turn up here.” We’re too proud to receive help. And so we need to be humbled that way.