A Call to Wonder

Category: Sermon Jams

You know, we talk about eternity as being beyond the comprehension of a man’s mind, and that is true. If you just look at astronomy, a man literally could go mad in astronomy. When you think of the size and complexity of everything around you. If you go out into space it goes on and on and on… thousands upon millions of light-years, on and on outward. Yet Christ, the One who died for you, the One who washed the disciple’s feet, is the One who did this and sustains it. If the whole universe was a super computer, a super computer the size of the universe could not bring together and hold together the complexities, even to understand them. It’s just phenomenal, and this is the One who was born in a manger. Does Jesus really need the worship of men? and would He really be lonely if none of us accepted Him? Would it be that great of loss? He has worlds unnumbered.

My little boy Evan, two nights ago started crying. He said “I want to go visit Nanna.” Nanna was my mother, and I said “Evan, you know that she died and that she’s in heaven.” Evan said “Well is she happy?” “Oh Yes, she is very happy.” “But what is she doing?” So we just set down and tried to imagine some of the things that she is doing. Let me ask you. Do you marvel enough? Do you marvel at anything? Is there any wonder? Do you no longer sit down and wonder what’s up there? Do you no longer just sit and think about what’s waiting for you?

Your amazed that He created the world? That He created the universe? You ought to be! But there is something even greater, to keep all of these complexities going. Is astounding! He sustains the entire universe moment by moment throughout all of eternity without effort. And it’s lighter then a feather to Him, now that’s power.