Who’s Bigger Than God?

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You know, I think about… Notorious BIG (a famous rapper) B.I.G. Think about that for a minute. Who’s bigger than God? It definitely wasn’t Notorious BIG. You might think that. You might even think that today. But, “Was he born again?” is the question. Our life is a vapor, it’s real, real short. Real short. And then you’re called. Can you imagine? Notorious BIG. No. 

You’re very small when you stand before God The Lord tells us to blow the trumpet. It’s a warning that man must be born again. These rappers want you to think it’s great. I did it! I know. I used to do the same thing. The same thing I’m telling you about I used to do it. Glorifying the things of this world: Money, cars, jewelry, houses, clothes, alcohol. It’s a shame. And then somehow, we sit back and we think: “Oh, I can change well, I’m not gonna smoke no more. I’m not gonna drink no more. And I’m just gonna stop messing with the girls and that’s gonna be over with. I can do it myself.” You can’t do nothing. You’re in chains. You’re handcuffed to sin. You’re a slave to sin, just like Notorious BIG was a slave to sin. Just like Puff Daddy is a slave to sin, you’re a slave to sin. 

The fact of the matter is this: Jesus said, “You must be born again!” {John 3:7} “If any man be in Christ, He is a new creature. Old things have passed away, and behold, all things have become new.” {2 Corinthians 5:17} 

There’s some kids out there thinking that: “It’s okay that I smoke weed on Friday and go to church on Sunday. It’s okay if I sleep around all throughout the week and go to church on Sunday. As long as I put my 10% in the tithe, everything is gonna be alright with me.” But that’s a lie. You’re headed to Hell. And it’s for eternity. You might think: “Oh, I’m young. It’s alright, I’m only 18. I’m only 22. I’m only 14. I got a lot of life ahead of me!” Oh no. Maybe you can turn on the TV and watch the news tonight. You’ll see how many people at just that age that are going to die. 

“Are you ready to face God?” is the question. Not “Are you ready to stick the new Notorious BIG burned DVD you got into your video tape?” But are you ready to face God? Because if you were even able to gain as many cars as are on this earth, as many homes as have been built, as much money that’s in the bank. If you were able to gain it all and lose your soul, what would be the benefit of it? You came to this earth naked and you’re leaving that way. You can’t take none of it with you. Notorious BIG couldn’t take that jewelry with him. All that “bling bling” he had, he didn’t take that with him. He didn’t even take Puff Daddy with him. 

You say, “Oh, this guy here is trying to down-talk rap.” No. No. My whole desire right now is that you know that there’s a way out. That there’s hope in Jesus Christ. That you have a sin problem and the only one who’s able to deal with it is Christ. I can’t give you salvation. I can’t save you. I can sit here and share what God places upon my heart with you, but I cannot save you. Only Christ saves. He’s the only One. 

But I’ll tell you what. You ain’t been too bad to be saved. What? “Oh, I slept with eight men.” Christ died for that. “I watched pornography.” The blood (of Christ) is able. So you say, “Okay, what must I do to be born again? What is this dude trying to tell me?” It’s plain and simple. Repent of your sins and place your faith in Christ. Turn away from your sin! Right now! Cry out to the Lord. He’s true to His word. 

It’s amazing how people think that they can… redo themselves. Ain’t that amazing how people think that they can really redo themselves! They’re gonna wake up one day and say: “I decided today that I won’t cuss anymore And now I’m a good person. I’m gonna start giving and being charitable. And when I pull over on the side of the road, and see somebody hungry, I’m gonna buy them something to eat and I’m gonna gain some favor with God.” These guys (false teachers) on TV, they are lying! There’s some big ones out there too. Prosperity preachers. The love of Christ is awesome! It’s great.