Who Do You(Really) Trust?

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Who do you really trust in? There are two kinds of people: those who trust people and those who trust God. Whenever a Christian finds themselves in a crisis, they have someone to turn to. Whenever you are spiritually dry, you can go to the LORD.

0:00 – Introduction – Jeremiah 17.5-8
1:48 – Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17 have different imagery.
4:23 – Who am I really, truly, trusting in?
6:12 – First person-a person who trusts in people.
10:57 – Their heart turns away from the LORD.
12:52 – Second person-the blessed man who trusts in the LORD.
23:16 – The lost cannot understand how believers respond.
25:18 – The unbeliever has nowhere to turn when the crisis comes.
26:01 – Christian, how consistently are you living this life of faith?
27:14 – Feel spiritually dry? Trust in the LORD.
29:29 – As we grow in this life of faith…
30:46 – A call to the unbeliever.