What Does the Bible Say About Joking And Laughter?

What does the Bible say about joking and laughter in the life of the believer? We consider some of the following questions: What about doing pranks? Christian comedy? Does being sober-minded mean I should not laugh? How do we factor in Christ being a man of sorrows and what that should look like in our life?

0:00 – Proverbs 26.18-19 I am only joking?
2:39 – What does the Bible say about joking?
6:50 – Are laughter and joy the samething?
7:48 – Coarse jesting is not right.
9:59 – Is having a good gut-wrenching laugh good medicine?
11:45 – One of John MacArthur’s neighbors…
13:05 – What about elders and being “grave” in their conduct?
14:45 – Does being sober mean I cannot laugh?
15:50 – Should a believer watch Monty Python and Mr. Bean?
19:55 – Agenda mishap with John Piper, people thought he was a comedian.
22:42 – What about doing pranks?
26:40 – Christ was a man of sorrows.

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