True Christianity is Seeing God Work, Not Man

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Our lives as Christians should be full of activity, but we need the sober reminder that we desperately need God to be the One empowering our activity. Our activity can imperceptibly become something that originates and is carried out by us. But the Bible from start to finish is all about God being the One empowering and carrying out His activity. In all of your labor, is God the One ultimately at work, or you?

Timestamped outline:

0:00 – Introduction – Galatians 1:24
3:55 – What is glory, and how to glorify God?
12:42 – What is it to fall short of the glory of God?
16:22 – We are forgetful people who become self-sufficient.
19:13 – Our response when God does something: Glorify Him
21:56 – We can wrongly say God did something.
30:05 – We are so inclined to subtly give glory to ourselves.
34:55 – Exodus 40:33-38 – The Glory of God
38:56 – Growth does not mean God is moving.
40:53 – We can actively build, but we’ve gotta have the fire from heaven.
44:04 – The fear of God or laughter?
46:28 – Paul Washer and the presence of God.
47:38 – This is not about feeling good.
50:02 – God acts and moves suddenly.
52:49 – Ichabod’s mother was sensitive to God’s glory departing.
55:01 – Samson lost his sensitivity and did not know the Lord had departed.
56:06 – Jacob experienced the glory of God.
57:31 – The early church was not focused on protesting the overreach of the government.
58:47 – We cannot do anything without God!
1:01:18 – Have you personally met this God?
1:02:25 – Conclusion – What do we have to do?