Glory in Christ’s Work on The Cross

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What Jesus did on the Cross is all that matters, and that is the message that will batter down the walls of hell. The Gospel is the message that will tear down imaginations and pull down strongholds. We are to glory in Christ’s work on the Cross alone.


There is one thing to glory in: God sent a Man through a virgin, who lived an utterly perfect life before the all-searching eye of God. That Man actually was God; and the Son of God. He lived that thirty-three and a half years — full maturity — knowing what life was all about, without one infraction of the rules. You talk about a rule-keeper? Not once did He break the law of God. At least twice, God said, "My Son, I love Him; listen to what He's got to say."

And then, He went to Calvary's Cross. And when they hung Him on the Cross, God poured on Him my guilt. You're looking at a fellow tonight that is not guilty of anything. You say, "Oh brother Mike, yeah you're guilty; it's just that God accounted your guilt to Jesus." Well, if He accounted my guilt to Jesus, I think I read where He accounted Jesus' righteousness to me. Did I not read that? "For He hath made Him to be sin for us — He (Christ) who knew no sin — so that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." Is that not what the Scripture says? And if that's true, then He bore my guilt and my shame. I glory in that. I got here too late to do anything about that. He had handled that before I got here. And I praise Him tonight for the Cross; for His taking my sin upon Him and bearing it away.

He was the Lamb that was slain, He was the scapegoat that took my sin away. He satisfied everything that God could ever come up with that might be against me, Christ satisfied it.

The Bible says, "It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment." You know what I believe is going to happen the moment I die? You say, "Brother Mike, you're going to judgment. You're going to give an account of yourself before God." Absolutely I am. That's what the Scripture says. I am, no doubt about it. But I believe the first thing that would happen is that I'll meet my Savior. I believe He'll put His arm around me. And I'll say, "But Lord, I am going to judgment." And He'll say, "Yeah, but I am going with you. As a matter of fact, I've already taken care of it. Your sins have been taken care of. The penalty has been paid."

I believe in a holy hug, and I'm not talking about you guys, I'm talking about Him. I don't believe there is going to be one worry before God. I think Heaven is going to be one of the most jovial places. I believe our experience with God is going to be one of the happiest times (Amen). Why? Because of the Cross. God's weakness becomes our strength.

His utter giving over — I'll tell you what, you guys make a fellow want to preach all the time. I know you're getting tired, but listen to me, listen to me: Satan's only power is death. That's his only power; everything else is just smoke and mirrors. His only power is death. So Jesus went to the very nth-degree of what that death is; and in that very weakness, that weakest moment, He crushed Satan's head. [Foot Stomp] Crushed Satan's head. And there will never, according to Paul in Romans chapter 8, be anything that will ever separate me from the love of Christ (Amen). Never never never.

"Well, aren't you glad you're such a good fellow, brother Mike?" Oh I am a rotten egg. You don't know me. But my Savior, my Savior. The Cross; what Jesus did on the Cross, that's all that matters. And I'm telling you, that's the message that will batter down the walls of Hell. That's the message that will tear down imaginations and pull down strongholds. As a matter of fact, it is doing it right now all over the world.

I was thrilled the other day, I got on Salesforce and was reading something, I don't know what it was, about the mission; but I just got this little tidbit that Syrian moslems are coming across the border into Jordan, running, slapping the missionaries that are telling them about Jesus, and they are being saved. Saved by the hundreds. Don't tell me the Gospel is not the power of God unto salvation. That's what we need to preach, brethren. And I know you do.

Now there might be somebody here tonight who have never really experienced the grace of the Gospel. Can I encourage you? You say, "Brother Mike, I don't feel a thing." I don't care whether you feel anything or not. Would you seek God? Would you seek God? Seek Him. Seek the Lord until you find Him. Seek Him.

Alright, let's have a word of prayer.