There Will Be Many Surprises On Judgment Day

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What a powerfully used passage Matthew 7:21-23 has been in the last decade. It contains words of our Lord Jesus that have been used by God to shake many out of a state of false religion. Yet for the believer, they must not fall into fear and doubt when they hear these words but rejoice that Christ is their own. It is only by God’s grace alone that we are not workers of sin but are workers of righteousness.

00:00 – Reading the text Matthew 7.21-23
00:50 – 1 – What would you say before God?
07:51 – 2 – Lawlessness
14:32 – 3 – Day of judgment is a day of many surprises.
15:59 – 4 – Does Matthew 7.23 contradict the fact that we are saved by grace through faith?
25:35 – 5 – If your ‘grace’ does not change you it is cheap grace which is fake grace.
28:23 – 6 – Verses that speak about what grace through faith looks like.
36:50 – 7 – What are the causes of deception?
44:45 – 8 – What if I don’t want to embrace God’s standard of purity?
52:12 – 9 – Does God know you or has he never known you?
1:04:32 – Closing prayer.