Sin is Heavy

Category: Excerpts

Sin is heavy. It is very heavy and every sin a man commits, every sin a woman commits, every sin a child commits; it weights heavier and heavier and heavier and the measure of their sin is going up. They’re walking on rotten covering, and you can’t walk around and say, “Well, I’m not going there.” By your very neglect of God, by your very sin, by your very hardness, by your very idolatry, by your very disobedience and neglect of Jesus Christ, by your very despising of God, it’s more weight. Everyday, brings greater weight, and the ground under you is rotten, and you walk. And as Edward’s said, “There are places in that covering that will not hold you any longer.” And though you may be in good health, though you may think you are secure, though you may think that everything is safe, they’re areas in that covering that you walk on that will not hold you. And I’ll tell you that God has numbers of ways to take the wicked man out of this life and just when they seem to be in the prime of health.