Are You Blaming Your Sin on a Disease?

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You come and you ask somebody, What do they need? And they say, “Well my greatest need in life is my own self-esteem. I feel bad about myself. I feel guilty, I have guilt feelings.” You know what happens when somebody goes into psychiatrist or psychologist. Basically, modern-day psychiatry deals with man’s greatest problem is being what? What are some of the things? Well, it’s basically, man’s got all these problems. Psychiatry, psychology recognizes that man has problems but what do they do? They basically try to get them to blame the problem on someone else. 

I mean, it’s true. You go into those things, they start asking about your parents. They start asking about how you were raised. They start asking about this. In other words, in the end, just blame your problems on other people or you are an object of self-piety, not an object that’s guilty. In other words, we can find out reasons why these things have happen to you. Reasons that aren’t your fault. Reasons that have to do with diseases that you have. And so, basically what they do, “Oh, you’re a schizophrenic, that’s why you have these problems! ” “You’re an alcoholic.” Not “you’re a drunkard and you’re guilty.” You’ve inherit these tendencies towards being alcoholic. You have a disease now rather than being an object that is guilty and blame worthy, you’re an object of pity. 

And you see, we won’t want to blame you for anything because then you might feel guilty and the very object as far a lot psychiatric tendencies go. I mean, when they look at this they say well that’s the problem, we got a bunch of people going around feeling guilty. 

Well, you know why they feel guilty? Because God design a conscience into them and they’ve actually committed sin and they actually are guilty. And so, when they came in, you’ve got these suppose professionals and they look at them and they say, “Well, the problem is that you have guilty feelings, and we want you to get rid of these guilt feelings,” Well, they have guilt feelings because they are actually guilty and their conscience is telling them so. Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. 

And so, what they do is, they tend to put the blame on somebody else, they try to put the blame on a disease or they medicate them so that they can’t think about it anymore. You know that’s true. So right there, you have the world looking at man and what’s man’s greatest problem, he just needs to have positive self-esteem he needs to put away all the guilt feelings. So we can take the love in the opposite direction where “Well really, man just needs to be nice to him and he needs to be nice to himself and he needs to think nice thoughts about himself and what he really needs is someone to come along and be nice to him. He needs a doctor who’s going to sit him down and tell him that his problems come from all other areas. They don’t come from himself but that isn’t the kind of love that man needs.