Missionary Paul Snider: Health Update & Insights From the Field

Category: Questions & Answers

Paul Snider, a missionary to the Korowai people of Papua, shares some valuable insight from years spent on the mission field. If any Christian is considering going to the mission field, they would do well to listen to this interview.

The following are some of the questions asked in the interview:

Could you give a brief history of how the Lord led you over to Papua and how you got there to co-labor with Trevor?

Could you just explain what all you have gone through in the last year, physically?

Could you explain what all you’ve gone through spiritually?

When you were feeling your absolute worst after having become sick, what Scriptures were the most prominent and anchoring for your soul?

After years on the mission field, what can you look back on and see differently, or false expectations you had prior to being on the field that you now look at differently?

How receptive have people been to the Gospel there?

What would you say if you had a few minutes to give an appeal to somebody on why they should think of going to a place like Papua?

How important has having a co-laborer been?

What ways do people most misunderstand you and Trevor and the work there?

Looking back, what regrets, if any, do you have?

Looking forward, what fears do you have, if any?

What has been the most helpful advice and involvement from your sending church?

What have been some of the greatest ways people off the field have been used to encourage you while on the field?

What is essential to get a believer being launched into a mission field like that?

When do you head back? In what ways can people be praying for you right now?