Keep The Faith And Finish The Race

Do you have an objective like the apostle Paul, to keep the faith and not abandon Christ? In this sermon Geoff speaks from 2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

0:00 – 2 Timothy 4.7
2:34 – Geoff shares about the death of his first wife.
04:39 – Point one – The claim and objective of this Christian.
06:53 – What does Paul mean by “the faith”?
12:55 – Keep the faith, maintain your orthodoxy.
14:50 – The apostasy of Alexander Balmain Bruce.
16:25 – What do the apostates say to you?
19:37 – Pastors, be careful to watch over the souls of your flock.
20:38 – Point two – Keep our commitment to the Savior.
21:45 – A man read an Anti-Christian site, left the faith, and then left his wife.
27:17 – We are a chosen vessel!
29:45 – Remember the time when you were first saved?
31:54 – Point three – how is the objective of keeping the faith to be obtained?
41:36 – Charles Simeon on Henry Martyn.
42:34 – Believer, we will have sweat, blood, and tears on this path.
45:28 – Paul finished the race.
51:00 – What is the great end like? What lies before us?
54:31 – The time of my departure is at hand?
1:00:31 – Paul was at peace at his departure.
1:03:54 – Paul saw his execution as being a sacrifice, an offering.
1:06:36 – Where would be without such a loving God?
1:09:00 – Closing prayer.