Can I Lose My Faith? Absolutely Yes

Someone asked, “Can I lose my faith?” and Tim seeks to go to the Scriptures and speak in the way that the Bible speaks about this topic.

The truth is we don’t typically talk in our circles the way the Bible talks.  If somebody goes away from us we basically say close to what you’re saying there.  What were you saying?  “They prove to not ever be saved.”  Yep that’s basically where we go.  We basically say, “Oh they were never saved.”  And yet the bible actually uses terminology of men making shipwreck of the faith.  But that’s that’s terminology that we don’t so much like to say.

Well why don’t we like it?  I mean why can you imagine we don’t like it?  Well, there is a chance of not making it. But it becomes too close, I think, in most of our minds, to undermining the fact of perseverance of the saints. We say that when someone is saved they cannot lose that salvation.  And what happens is when we say somebody make shipwreck of a faith that sounds too much like that.

You see, this is what systems can do, they can make us feel uncomfortable to say things the way the Bible says them, lest we should seek to distort a doctrine that we really pump in our system.  But we really shouldn’t be afraid to talk that way.  Nor should we be afraid, listen Paul’s not just talking that way, he’s warning that way.  It’s not just that he’s just making this statement that these two gentlemen, by the names of Hymenaeus and Alexander.  He’s not just saying that they’ve made shipwreck of their faith.  He’s saying, “Timothy you need to wage the good where warfare hold faith and a good conscience because if you don’t others who haven’t have made shipwreck”.

But what can happen is because we don’t like to talk that way, what ultimately can happen is our warnings can lose their teeth.  Our warnings can loser lose their teeth. Because you know what the warning is, “if you don’t hold fast there’s a chance to make shipwreck.”  And and we went through some of these other versus, let me just throw a few at you. 1st Timothy 6:20…

(Rest of the transcript will maybe come at a later date.)