Josiah’s Example Is A Call To Young Men

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Like the youth of today, Josiah too lived in an evil day, and yet it is said of him that he truly followed the Lord. He is an example to young men, that even at the age of 16, they can be all out for Christ and the things of God. In this sermon, Tim considered this young man of God and calls young men of today to follow after Josiah’s zeal for God.

0:00 – Introduction
00:23 – 2 Chronicles 34
01:18 – Opening prayer.
02:05 – Josiah’s age and progression of events in his life.
15:12 – This 16-year-old was different and went against the flow.
18:30 – How many young men are seeking the Lord in 2022?
28:42 – Young men…your time is short.
31:05 – The suicide rate in the UK is 3x higher for men.
34:23 – John Bunyan and the muck rake.
37:08 – It is easy to go to hell.
40:59 – We are in a war, you don’t know the danger you are in.
47:32 – Watch out for the danger of pride.
49:08 – How do the young men act who you run into while evangelizing?
51:55 – Are your friend’s fools? Where are you headed?
58:58 – What does God’s Word say?
1:01:31 – Bring out the balance sheets…what do they indicate?
1:03:21 – Christ came to a young man. How did he respond?