HeartCry Conference 2006 Questions and Answers

00:00:23 – How does sin effect prayer?
00:03:44 – How can you make sure you confess every sin that you ever commit?
00:09:09 – How do I discern if God is leading me to do something or if it is just my own thoughts or evil?
00:15:22 – What do we do about all of the deceived people who are going to church?
00:22:31 – To who and when should we confess our sins to other people?
00:28:38 – How long do we wait before baptizing new professing converts?
00:36:46 – How should the church hold their pastor accountable?
00:38:59 – What do I do about my burden to preach the truth to the deceived?
00:44:16 – Why did Paul Washer go to Grace Life Church?
00:49:04 – What should a young man do who longs to find a Godly mentor and cannot seem to find one?
01:05:35 – Does Foreign Missions have a Special calling or is it for all?
01:10:29 – How would you respond to people who say you are preaching a works based gospel?
01:16:13 – Should I never be alone with the girl I am courting?
01:24:26 – The greatest sin a pastor can ever commit.