The Failures of The Privileged Disciples

Category: Excerpts

In an hour of trial, the disciples failed despite the privileges they had. They had spent three years in the presence of Christ and seen Lazarus rise from the dead. They set on the mountain and heard the greatest sermon ever preached. They saw the widow’s son raised from the dead. In spite of all of this, they still failed at the moment in which Christ needed them the most.

0:00 – The failures of the disciples.
0:52 – They failed despite their position and office.
1:17 – The church often expects too much from its leaders.
2:59 – They failed despite their privileges of being near to Christ.
6:04 – They failed despite the warnings.
9:09 – They failed when they were most needed.

This excerpt was taken from the full sermon, “The Praying Christ and His Humanity“.