What Kind of Savior is Jesus?

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In this APT Tim responds to the following question:

Why does God make it so hard for his people to make it into his kingdom?  He throws most of his OWN people into the lake of fire forever to be tormented with no hope of getting out.  I understand he gives us a way out.  But I also understand its extremely difficult and not many will actually be able to do it.  What kind of savior is Jesus anyways?  You cant honestly tell me all you have to do is believe.  I understand what scripture says in John 3:16 as well as several other verses I don’t feel I have to describe to whoever reads this because you know them.  What about all the other verses pertaining with the difficulty level?  Why does Jesus set the standard so high, that it seems NO person can complete it.  God has ruined my life.

Anyways I can continue until I’m blue in the face but nobody will read this anyhow so I’m giving up on my life.  I tried to repent and I keep failing.  God does not want me.  God does not want me in his house.

I was so happy before God came into my life and now that hes here he has broken my family apart.  He has happily broken my life apart, my relationship apart, taken my job away, made my family cry in fear, made my mom think she has failed me and now she is depressed, and made me depressed.  But he loves me…..Yet he will probably happily throw me into hell if I disobey.  But he loves me….

I want to kill myself.  God does not want his people to enter his kingdom.