Remarkable Occurrences In The Ministry

Category: Video

In the 1970s, Keith McLeod (1922-1997) and his brother Bill McLeod were involved in the Canadian revivals. The video provides us with an insight into Keith’s life and includes the only recording ever taken of him sharing. One of the brethren at the meeting recorded and entitled it “Remarkable Occurrences In The Ministry.” Years ago, I (James) arrived home from our church prayer meeting and looked through old cassettes given to me by a missionary. There I found the first half of this cassette. I popped it and listened with encouragement as I heard of different workings of God that happened in a man’s life. I only had the first cassette, not the second, but months ago the Rages provided me with the second tape. The purpose of putting this up and titling it as I have is not to sensationalize anything, but rather to honor God for his greatness. Maybe the remarkable things shared aren’t that great in your eyes, or aren’t remarkable. With false miracles and false moves of God, we often don’t know what to expect and shrink back in fear when we encounter all the false fire that surrounds us.