Is Facebook Keeping You From Prayer?

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Anytime the Lord deals with us, about an idol in our heart, I mean there’s nothing more glorious. When your heavenly father disciplines you. I mean it’s like, it’s like, You don’t even care If it’s a rebuke from the Lord because it’s so good when the Lord deals with you, when he actually speaks to you. It’s life, It’s life to your bones, It’s life to your soul. 

Now I can give you one example: one time I was sitting in this community college and I was reading this little booklet on revival. And one of the things there, it was listing some things that happen during revival. And it said, long standing patterns of selfish indulgence are broken in people’s lives. And right when I read that It was like the Lord directly spoke to my heart and it was like ‘Facebook’. And I mean it was like I used to go home, I would get home and I would usually just get on Facebook maybe and talk to people and do this or that for 45 minutes or an hour right after school. 

And I would always get home, and I’d see my roommate, Reese, over there diligently reading Jonathan Edwards or something. In my heart, In my conscience I’d feel convicted. You know like, ‘Man, he’s like striving after the Lord.’ All of his time -I’m not trying to boast in Reese- but all of his time was set apart to seeking the Lord in prayer, and reading these theology books, and studying the Scriptures. And here I am coming home, you know, going straight to the Facebook for 45 minutes to an hour. 

And the Lord, when I was sitting there in that school, the Lord spoke to me directly. It was overwhelming, the joy. And He gave me grace to overcome that. By the grace of God, I only spent about 3 minutes just answering stuff on there a day now. There’s a type of Christianity which has no concept that we are in the middle of a war right now. And that’s the way the Scripture puts it, that we’re in the middle of a battle, we’re in the middle of an eternal battle where there are eternal things at stake such as the souls of men. And you got to have that reality, that this is not your home, that we are pilgrims, that we are passing through. We are aliens. We are strangers. We no longer fit in here. We don’t belong here. 

And the devil will try to put his arm around the church and say, “You know, well yeah, that’s true, but it’s okay to spend an hour of your day just messing around on Facebook, doing this or that.” Even in terms of entertainment. I mean people spend hours of their time a week on entertainment. I would say entertainment things like Facebook, things like movies, things like video games. I would, that is, by and large, the god of America. If you look at people’s lives; what they think about, what they’re concerned about; what they’re planning on doing this next weekend; what they’re excited about: it’s entertainment. I mean the devil has lulled people to sleep. And the reality is we’re in the middle of a war. 

And things like Facebook it’s just one more thing that will try to grab at your attention. It’s like the masses of humanity, they’re walking off a cliff into eternal hell and they’re laughing and talking to each other on each other’s phones, they’re typing on Facebook, they’re doing this and that. But there’s no reality that this world is going down hill, it’s perishing, people are dying; and here I am spending my time on the computer doing nothing. Wasting time. Just chatting about this or that. I mean you’re only given a certain amount of time a day and your life is a vapor and we’re to use it for eternity. I mean we’re going to give an account for that time that we spent. 

The question is, “Why would you want to spend an hour on Facebook, when you can spend an hour in the secret place with Christ?” I mean it’s not comparable. I mean to grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ; I mean to have your eyes opened to see more of the glory of God; To know more of the fullness of His presence and fullness of His joy. I mean what does that compare to spending an hour playing some stupid little game that some one made on Facebook? Or looking at someones new pictures for an hour? I mean we were made for higher things. You weren’t made for things of the earth It says, “Set your mind on things above where Christ is seated, at the right hand of God.” I mean why would you spend your time doing that? When there’s such a glorious Redeemer that saved us. I mean God is not… The devil’s not scared of that kind of Christianity. The devil’s scared when men begin to pray and call on the name of the Lord. When people began to seek God and to dwell in that secret place. To meet with their heavenly Father. And the power of God is on their life and they begin living the Christian life. That that causes demons to tremble and flee. When God draws near. So that’s what we need, Lord help us. Save us from these millions of distractions that Satan is willing to throw your way to distract you, and keep you from the secret place of prayer. To keep you from growing in Christ; seeing more of His glory.