God Is Not Lonely: He Is Most Happy In Himself

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But what did this God who is love delight to love before he made you and I? Before he made the earth, before he made anything. And you say, “Well, he loved himself.” Yes, but it’s a little bit more complex than that. There are some who think wrongly, of course, that God got lonely somewhere in eternity, which is a misnomer to even state it that way. But that’s the way we think. Linear, the God somewhere in the past got lonely. So that’s why he made man so he could have somebody to fellowship with. But that’s not true for at least three reasons.

Number one, he probably had already created the Angels before he made man, and therefore he had them to fellowship with.

However, my second reason is God is completely self-sufficient. He didn’t even need the angels to love and fellowship with. Listen, God needs nobody or anything to be happy. You don’t serve God to get God’s favor or pleasure because he is most happy in himself. You’re not going to add to that. There’s no deficit in God’s joy. The deficit of joy is in me and in you. There is where a deficit of joy is, but not in God. And if you think when you introduce the word need to God, you have destroyed the biblical presentation of God for the Bible describes God as one who is not worshiped with men’s hands as though he needed anything, since he gives life to all breath and all things. You may say to me, “but if God is love, didn’t he to have a need?” The need to love something? That’s a good question. If God is love, then there has to be something that God loves. The very nature of love demands one gives love. So didn’t he really have a need to give to love?

This leads me to my third, and I think the best reason why God was not lonely, that is that he loved the Son of God and was perfectly satisfied in him. There was not one iota of displeasure at his sight. Perfect, complete full, satisfaction and joy and Jesus Christ. If God is love, then yes, something must be the object of that love. Love does delight in giving, but I am telling you the object that God delighted in loving and giving Himself to was unashamedly the son of God. The second person of the Godhead.