Drop Out of School, Drive Without License, or Submit to Parents?

In this Ask Pastor Tim, two questions are dealt with that involve children and whether or not to submit to their parents.

Question 1: I want to give up high school but at the same time I want to obey my parents who want me to do well. What do I do?

Question 2: Hello, I am 17, I want to get my license but my parents don’t care (they are unbelievers) they allowed me/told me to drive and I realized lately that I’ve been sinning (I think) but they want me to wait to get them at 18 and want me to in the meantime drive to work (with my dad building fences mostly ‘we live out in the country’) I don’t want to sin toward God by driving but also not obeying my parents what should I do. I think it might be okay because we live in a very small community (out in the country) and the closest town is very small. What should I do?