Busyness Leads to God Hiding Himself?

At times when someone asks, “How do I deal with the hiddenness of God?” it is not God hiding Himself from us, but our own sin or busyness and neglect of the Lord that is the problem. Are there so many things that “have to” be done in my life that would lead me to leave God out of the picture? Is excelling in school, at the cost of spiritually shipwrecking, the right decision?

Original question, “How do I deal with the Hiddenness of God? I’m a college student and I’m finding myself at a place where life is mundane and God seems nowhere to be found. I wake up, I go to class, I have to do my homework and I go to bed. There are so many things that HAS to be done that God is no where in the picture. I HAVE to do good in school. I HAVE to get a job. I HAVE to make something of my life. Can you help me with this problem? Thank you.”