Don’t Give To Dogs What Is Holy

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The Bible often describes evil people as animals, such as pigs, dogs, snakes, worms, lions, bulls. In this particular portion of scripture, we are warned about those who are spiritually dogs and pigs. How are we to deal with these types of people? We are not to set before them the precious things of God, namely, the Gospel. There is a place not to give some people the Gospel truths as all they will do is trample on it.

0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Opening prayer.
0:57 – Have you ever noticed the animals of Scripture?
4:22 – What kind of animal are you most like?
7:03 – What is the Lord trying to teach us?
13:43 – Can you spot a pig when you see one?
14:53 – What is the picture here of the pearls?
19:45 – Who are the dogs and pigs?
38:42 – Many just want to debate you and waste your time.
41:02 – “The best book on evangelism: Get Real”
45:33 – As precious as your biological family is to you…
46:20 – The Lord likens the Gospel to precious pearls.
54:36 – Closing prayer