Christ is the Absolute Owner of Everything

Christ… is the absolute owner. Go out to your car this afternoon and you just stop in your tracks and look at it and you recognize that’s His. Look at yourself in the mirror those eyeballs in your head those are His. Your hand, it’s His. He can take it away from you.

Many of you are familiar with Abraham kuyper’s quote: There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry “Mine!” It is His.

Here comes the guy with a legion of demons. The demons say, “Lord, let us” their pleading with Him, “Let us go into those pigs.” He says, “OK, go.”  They went into the pigs, the pigs all freak out and they run down the hill and they all die. You say, “Wow; was that a gracious thing for the Lord to do to these swine herders? It kinda destroyed their produce.” But you see, it wasn’t theirs. Those pigs are His. They’re His to do with as He pleases. And those demons are His. And He can do with them as He pleases. He is absolute owner of everything.

You can look at some of these pictures, you come back from the Middle East, you look at those pictures of a mosque and all of the Muslims bowed down to Allah. You just remember that when you see pictures like that they are Christ’s. He is absolute sovereign owner.

These savages, John Dees has been talking in recent times with me of this island North Senntinel Island off of the coast of India it is one of the darkest places, one of the most unreached places on the face of the earth. Probably the least reached place. Jesus says, “Mine. They’re mine.” He owns it all.

In this parable, all is His. All are His servants. You notice how the flow of this runs? Matthew 25:14, “His servants.” Again in verse 14, “His property.” That’s the flavor that you get here. In verse 27, “My money.”  He says, “I should have received what was My own with interest.” All is His. All shall answer to Him.

You see brethren, we live the Christian life and sometimes we encourage one another. “Lay everything on the altar.” We think about Luke 14:33, “Unless you forsake all that you have you cannot be His disciple.” You see what Jesus is saying? Unless you recognize the reality of who owns everything, you can’t be My disciple. That’s what He is saying there at the end of Luke Chapter 14. This is the reality.

Well that’s the first thing, that’s the first point. Christ is the absolute owner.