Obey God, He Will Save Your Life

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I would like to welcome everyone that’s here today, especially I would like to welcome the young, our children that are here, and this message is especially for you today.

Now we have been studying about how we are to glorify God. How we are to live before God in such a way that pleases him. That gives Him pleasure. Now, we have discovered first of all that in order for us to please God we must love God, but in order for us to love God we must know Him. The greatest treasure, children, that you could ever discover is to know who God is.  Now most of you have a back yard in your home. What if I were to tell you that there was a treasure buried in your back yard? Would you go look for it today after church? I bet you would. Now what if I told you that it was buried 10 feet down, but it was the greatest treasure in the universe? Would you still go look for it? You would dig and dig and dig and dig, and what if I told you that it was even buried 10 feet down through solid rock? You would still be out there digging and digging. You would wear out all your mothers spoons. All your fathers shovels because there’s the greatest treasure in the universe, but the greatest treasure in the universe is to know God, to know Him.

Now in order to bring delight to the heart of God. In order to give pleasure to God we must know Him, but there’s something else that we need. We must know how to live according to His commands. Do you see that? Now in the scriptures we have commandments and we also have principals of wisdom. We need to search out all of these things to learn how to live. Do you know what a lie is? A lie is something that is simply not true. Do you know what? Every day the world is full of lies and lies will tell you how the world is supposed to be, but it’s not true, and lies can lead you astray. That is why you need the Word of God. Now, I got a passage I want to read to you. Are you ready? It’s in Psalms 119:105 and it says simply this – ”Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Now young people I want you to think about something for a moment and if you want to, later on, when you get home tonight, you can do this. Parents you can even do this with your child. Shut off all the lights. Shut off all the lights and then try to walk through the living room without breaking your toe. It’s very hard isn’t it. It’s almost impossible, but then parents what you can do is you can set your child in a certain place in the living room and then write out a map. That you have already figured it out and you say to the child audibly. “Now walk 5 steps forward,” they walk five steps forward, “Stop,” they stop. “Now walk 2 steps to your left,” and they do that stop and you can lead them all the way through the house without them ever stubbing there toe. Why can you do that? Because you listened to something that was true, that told you how to walk. Do you see that?

Now this is the same way, you and I do not know how to walk. You want a really good lesson? Your parents have probably told you this a few times: When you were born you came out knowing nothing, okay, zero, and if you did know something it was wrong. So what do you have to do? You have to learn how to walk. Now imagine this. Do you know that in war there is a terrible thing called a mine and what it is? It’s a thing that they put under ground that you can’t see, but If you step on it it will go click and then when you pull your foot off of it, and there’s no weight, it blows up. If your soldier, that’s what scares you more than just about anything else in a war. Now, wouldn’t it be good if you had to walk through a mine field to have a map that told you exactly where all those mines are, so you could avoid them? Wouldn’t that be good. Well I want to tell you something if your dad told you “Go get the newspaper,” but between you and that newspaper were about a hundred mines that would blow you up, would you go get the newspaper? Hopefully not, but if you had a map and you said okay I can go two steps forward according to this map. “Uh oh! There’s one.” Now I need to go over this way, okay, “Okay I’m alright,” you see?

Now let me tell you something. Most people who call themselves Christians today do not do what I’m telling you right now. They say they believe in Jesus and then they live on the broad way. They walk in a way that seems right to them and you can even go to them with a bible and if you tell them something that the bible clearly says they will get mad at you. We don’t want to be that way. We want to believe in Jesus and do what He says because what He says will bring Him pleasure if we obey it, but it will also save your life. If you want to give God glory than study in His Word what He says to do and do it.

Now I’m going to finish with a story that I always tell my boys this, over and over they’ve heard it a million times, okay. There was a missionary one day in Africa and his little boy was playing out under a tree in front of the house and the missionary walked out and when he walked out he saw his boy playing there and he said “Fall!” and the little boy dropped quickly, and fell straight on the ground, like this, and then he said “Crawl to me!” and he crawled and then he said “Get up on your feet.” and he jumped up on his feet. He said “Run to me!” and he ran. Now you say that’s kind of crazy. Well here’s what happened.

The father walked out on the front porch and he looked and his little boy was playing and there was a deadly viper right behind his head, right here. A deadly snake, terrible, hanging right there. Now children if the dad would of said. Lets say the dad is over there and your playing and he says “fall” would you of gone “Why?” and turned towards the snake. Do you see? What would of happened if the child responded “Why dad?” or “I don’t want to!” or “How come?” and turned towards the snake. He would be dead wouldn’t he, but look what the little boy did when the Father said “Fall!” He trusted his father. Now fathers if your going to demand this kind of trust, you better be trust worthy.

“Fall!” He fell and then “Crawl!”, he crawled under the snake. “Run to me!” He ran. This is good parents, for us too. Absolute obedience to an absolutely, completely wise God will save your life. Will save your life. Let’s pray. Children let’s pray.

Father bless these children that they might know You, God. That they might love You. That they, that their lives might be marked with joy inexpressible and full of glory. That they might go out from this place Lord and maybe even be missionaries around the world. Losing everything, maybe even their lives for the sake of Your Son. In Jesus’ name. Amen. God bless you.