Just As I Am

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I want to comment on this song. When I first got saved, I got saved reading John MacArthur’s book on lordship salvation, “The Gospel According to Jesus”. And,he mentions this song. He didn’t mention it necessarily in a bad way, though the way it came across…and of course at that time because God used that to save me… I was strongly a disciple of John MacArthur’s, he mentions this song and he says “Just as I am”, and he said that it was a song that was a favorite of the non-lordship people. And one of the things he said about the song is “Yes, you come just as you are, but Jesus isn’t going to leave you just as you are”. But I’ll tell you, you don’t want to despise this song because this is the heart and soul of what true repentance and true faith is. And listen, Jesus says this “Come buy in me without price”. In other words, in your destitution, your poverty, your bankruptcy, you come to me for what I can give to you. This talks about, in all your doubts, in all your everything… so many people get worked up “Well, I have to repent just right”, no, no, no, you’ve misunderstood repentance if you see it as anything different than this. It’s simply… it’s not trying to dream up anything to offer to God. It’s just, you come to a point where you recognize your bankruptcy. The gospel is a call for you in all of that bankruptcy to come to Christ for the fullness of everything that He can give. This song hits it on the head. You don’t want to despise this at all. And when I was a young Christian, I did.