Don’t Go to Hell Over Your Cellphone

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There’s nothing worth losing your soul over. Smartphones have become such a vital part of our culture that people consider them as a necessity. But if it’s become a source of sin in your life, it’s better to cut if off than to lose your soul over it.

Excerpt taken from, “Christian Unity: Consequences of Disunity (Part 3)“.


So if you've been born again, you can't ignore what Jesus is saying here in Matthew 18. You just can't ignore it. Do you have relational tensions with someone because you've not dealt with sin in your own heart? Do you realize that can be a reality? Sin in your own heart affects (incomplete thought). There's things that you can be doing that your wife doesn't know about that is producing anger toward her, and you're thinking it's her, but all along it's that secret, hidden sin in your own heart, something you've been messing around with that she doesn't know about. You all know what I'm talking about? Do I need to get more specific? You know, this right here can be one of the most dangerous things you carry with you. If you can't handle it, trash it. You don't have to have one. You say, well, I do have to have one for my job. Well, I don't know if these go to hell, but it may be a source to help you on the way. It would be better to cut it off, wouldn't it, than to lose your soul over it. Seriously, are you dealing with sin in your own heart? That requires humility and grace to deal with sin in your own heart.