Being a Berean or Hyper-Critical? How Do You Listen To A Sermon? 

What is the difference between being discerning compared to hyper-critical when hearing a sermon? Am I listening with ears tuned in to find fault rather than ears to be fed and hear the truth? In this study, Tim Conway considers how we can approach this in a Biblical and balanced way.

00:00 – Logo intros.
00:14 – Question – Being Berean or hyper-critical?
02:46 – The study of how we hear sermons?
04:09 – Is the fault with the preacher or the listener?
15:30 – Speakers have to earn the hearer’s trust.
23:49 – Luke 8
28:02 – It is about understanding what you are hearing.
42:00 – How are you processing the Word you hear?
44:01 – Are you a lazy and sloppy hearer?
46:39 – The overly critical person does not benefit from the good that was said.
51:45 – Do not miss the next truth that the preacher says is very good.
53:14 – Discontent or not appreciating your own pastors due to the famous internet preacher?
54:02 – James 3.1 – few teachers
1:07:41 – Are you listening with pride and arrogance?
1:10:49 – What were the Bereans seeking out in Acts 17?
1:12:14 – Approach preaching with a spirit of humility.
1:13:21 – Do you come into the service with a chip on your shoulder?
1:16:11 – The Devil is in the business of snatching up the Word.
1:20:00 – Satan wants you to be ineffective.
1:25:19 – Judgmental people are proud people.
1:27:10 – So how should I listen?
1:29:46 – GFM previously had the opposite issue – listening to errors and not being critical enough.
1:32:02 – Let love cover?
1:33:31 – Charles Spurgeon on knowing your Bible well.