Am I Sinning by Not Ministering at an Abortion Clinic?

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Abortion is one of the flagrant atrocities going on in America, and Christians should be involved in taking a stand against it. But how exactly are Christians to be involved in combating against it? Must we all stand in front of an abortion clinic and protest? Are there other ways to be involved? What should we think of Christians who are accusing other Christians and other churches of being in sin for not going to an abortion clinic to protest against the murders being committed?

Original question: Is it a sin to not minister at an abortion clinic? I was recently told this. The person used verses such as the great commission and loving your neighbor/the least of these. And although I agree that it’s a noble and very needed ministry, I have a hard time saying it is sin to not be at the planned parenthood’s/abortion clinics directly. There are many people near and dear to me who have protested church’s (signs and all) for not protesting at abortion clinics. And I have felt the pressure that I need to be there, but not as a calling. Rather the pressure that if I’m not there I may be in sin or looked down on by people who are very close to me. I know I struggle with people pleasing and I don’t want to jump into a ministry simply to please the people around me.