Women Are the Weaker Vessel

Category: Bible Studies

A sensitive and controversial topic in the Bible is biblical womanhood. What does Peter mean by saying women are the weaker vessel? It’s a topic that much of our modern culture is utterly repulsed by. And there are even accounts in the Bible involving women that can make Christians feel uncomfortable. But regardless of what this wicked generation says, we need to understand and be unashamed of what God says about women in His Word.

This series was a Bible Study done through Zoom to Grace Fellowship Manchester.

0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – Start of Study
4:59 – The Family Series – dealing with women first.
12:47 – Examples in the Old Testament.
39:52 – Genesis 12 – Abraham letting Sarah get taken.
49:11 – Lot offering his daughters? Genesis 19.
55:26 – Imitate all Old Testament examples? No.
1:03:00 – A jealous woman drinking the water of bitterness?
1:06:00 – Why those Laws?
1:14:48 – What about how the Benjamites took wives?
1:20:27 – Why does the OT teach separating from a male child for a longer period of time?