Sell or Destroy Sports Gear I Idolized?

Should a Christian sell or destroy the sports memorabilia that they idolized? If by selling it, would they be selling an idol to another buyer who would also idolize it? Tim considers some practical things to any who are facing this inner conflict.

Original question:
Pastor Tim, I had a conflict on my heart that I wanted see if you could shed light on in a Biblical manner. I used to be a huge Laker fan (please hear me out). I had accumulated thousands of dollars in memorabilia but realized that it simply promoted the idolization of other men and were idols in and of themselves. My conflict is whether I am able to sell them as a Christian, or would that simply be profiting by selling sin to another. I understand that you had a bike that you sold when you realized much of the same. Did you feel any conflict in selling it knowing that the buyer would likely also hold it up to some idolizing level.