Act Like Men: Standing Firm In The Faith and Conduct

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Believer, if you are standing firm in the faith and believing solid doctrine, it will affect your conduct. To be Biblically strong does not come from ignorance about God but having your mind gripped with the truth of the Gospel and it leads to godliness.

0:00 – Reading text and opening prayer.
2:05 – What will our focus be?
4:01 – Titus 1:1, godliness is tied together with knowledge of the faith.
8:19 – Often, the problem is not a lack of knowledge, but rather the knowledge does not change who they are (Titus 1.16).
9:47 – First, stand firm in the faith.
14:53 – Sometimes, there is almost a shunning of biblical knowledge, making ignorance appear the humble path.
18:43 – We need steadfast men.
21:02 – Ephesians 6 – stand firm
22:48 – “Play the man.”
24:06 – Second, knowledge must produce godly conduct.
25:06 – Young men, how is your conduct? Do people imitate it or despise you for it?
27:33: – Be dignified – worthy of respect.
32:12 – Be self-controlled – don’t be mastered by anything.
36:36 – Better to speak properly in the first place than having to always apologize.
38:46 – Self-control in the realm of purity.
40:07 – How to be more godly? Exhortations on being godly often lead people to try harder to be holy in their own strength.
46:04 – Sanctification is not by the law but by faith.
51:29 – My point? The power comes from the Spirit alone, so cast yourself upon the Lord for help.
54:34 – Closing prayer.