A 5-year-old Saved, Convicted Her Anger Was Murder

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But this one particular night, I supposed there was maybe 40 or more people who came to the front and included in it was a man and his wife and either four or five children. I wish I could tell you exactly, but there was a number of them there, and so I had counseled a couple of them. But the others I hadn’t had anything to do with. But this little girl, she was five years of age and she was sitting on the front pew with her legs swinging back and forth like this. This was after the meeting was over, of course, and a lot of counseling going on. So I walked over to her and I said to her:

Hi there, how are you doing?
And she said, “Not too bad.”

I said, “How old are you?”


Tears running down her face.

And I said, “What are you sitting here for?”

And she says, “I want to be a Christian.”

I said, “What are you now?”

She said, “A wicked sinner.”

I said, “Who told you that?”

She said, “God did.”

When? “While you were preaching.”

What did I preach?

And she laid it out. A five year old girl. Just so beautifully, I would have thought it was some theologian laying it out and she just put it out like that. This is what you’re preaching on. It was marvelous. And so I said, Well, let’s go in this little room here. And we went up to this other room and and did some praying. And then I said:

Now, are you telling me the kind of sins you’ve committed?

Oh, she said, “They’re bad.” And tears still run down her face. She wasn’t weeping, that is audibly, but the tears running down.

And she said, “I’ve committed murder.”

And I said, “Now, hold on, hold on. What have you… How have you committed murder?”

And she said, “Well, there’s a little girl in kindergarten that I can’t stand, and I wish that she would drop dead.”

And she said, “That’s murder.” I said, “Who told you that?”

She said, “God did.”


“While you were preaching tonight.”

Everything I said to hear I would ask, Who told you that? She said, God, did she never once said the preacher did. I so appreciate that. It shows the spirit of God is working in her heart. And so then she mentioned stealing from her mother’s purse, some pennies.

She said, “That makes me a thief and they kill thieves in Jesus day.”

And one thing after another. She just kept bringing it up. And that was marvelous.

Finally, I said, “Well, what do you want to do about it?”

She says, “I want to make it all right with God.” And this little five-year-old got on her knees and and poured out her heart and confessed these sins. I didn’t have to prompt her at all. And she repented of no doubt about it. And she got up. And when she got up, her face was just transformed, Tears were dried up, and she was just all so happy. And it was afterwards that I found out she was the youngest member of this family. The whole family got saved that night, it was a marvelous thing. So we saw the Lord do some great and mighty things there…