If The Lord Takes ___, Is Christ Still Everything?

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But you know what Paul said, “What are you doing? Weeping, Breaking my heart. I’m ready not only to be imprisoned but even to die for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Is that where we’re at? We, you know, we say it confidently when the sun is shining. If God were to take your parent, your spouse, your child, your health, or your closest friend is Christ still everything? Brethren, no one’s saying it’s easy. But a tell you, a God given faith is no matter how much God crushes us, puts us in the vice, it’s still I’m a dying man, I am going to face God on judgment. I need Christ more than anything else. And these guys, they’re being faced with a difficulty that is testing them to the point that they may fall away. And you know what happens? A lot of times people. People get put in in in the fires. “Well, if God is going to treat me this way, I’m out of here.” And you know what? They may not totally reject Christianity, but they do. They walk away when loneliness grips you in your singleness. I mean, it grips you. Do you still believe that God delights in purity? What do you really believe when you’re lonely? What do you really believe when it gets hard, you still believe God delights in marrying in the Lord only? Or do you cave? You know what happens? A lot of times people get in the furnace and they redefine God. They had some idea about who he was and what he wants in his word. But suddenly life gets hard. They say, “Oh, God will understand.”

This excerpt is from the full sermon. A Remedy for Troubled Hearts by Tim Conway preached on February 26, 2023. Or watch a similar video that deals with the same topic. Content or everything would be okay if by Jesse Barrington.