Be Content: God Designed You With These Spiritual Gifts

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But men, I want to say this. We need to be a church of men who are content in the way that God has made us. We need to be content with the gifts that God has given to us. I find many men are not content, especially… especially when it comes to the place of speaking. Many men are not content if it were to be found out that God had given them an unusual gift of serving. Or mercy, or compassion, or giving. Contentment, we need to be content.

Listen, God is sovereign in the dispensing of the gifts. By the grace of God you are what you are. And God has designed you exactly the way you are because He wanted to fit you into the body exactly that way. And you know what? When you do what you are designed to do you will find that you are most successful, most fruitful, and most happy. If you seek to strive to do something that God has not equipped you to do… it is like trying to run without legs. You just don’t want to do that. Brothers, we need to be content.

In our first class Bobby brought up how profitable it was to think on that thought: that we we don’t have to count it failure if we can’t preach, because God is sovereign. It’s not failure. Like I mentioned last time, failure is when I keep trying to preach and God has not called me to it, that’s failure.

Excerpt taken from the full bible study, “Homiletics: Called to Preach (Part 2)“.