Are You Going to Let the Lost Out Run You?

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If you really believe that this is all true. If this is indeed. You know, when it says over Revelation 14 (v. 13). It says that when we are entering into our rest, our deeds follow us. I tell you this, through all eternity, the things you do in this life and the service of Christ are going to follow you there. And yet, you’re giving yourself to the trivialities and the vanities of this life. 

Amazing! You know what? You’re a professing child of God. You say you believe in eternal rewards. You say there is treasure to be had in heaven but then you compare yourself to a lost man and he is outrunning you. He’s investing all his stuff in this life because he believes it’s going to bring him pleasure. You say, you believe the greatest pleasures are at His right hand in the world to come and yet, by your life, you are not proving it and he is outrunning you and his objectives, and what he wants to accomplish than what you are running in. 

We speak one way brethren, we live another way and we ought to hang our heads that this world should be out running us. Jesus Christ said, “I would that you would show yourself in or out, hot or cold. And if you’re going to be lukewarm, if you’re going to serve Me with a half heart. It sickens Me. I’ll vomit you out of My mouth.” He is not speaking to some turks over there in Izmir bowing down there to their Allah. No! He is speaking to a church just like I am speaking to you now. Not to the lost hordes out there! He is speaking to the Church and He’s saying, “If you’re going to try to serve Me with a half heart, divided heart. I hate it, It sickens Me!” Go one way or the other but get off the middle. 

And if you are not ready, listen and I say this as far as membership to this church. If you are not willing to commit to be hot and to commit to go all the way, I am not saying God may not move you, God may not take you to another place, that may happen. But when you come, you need to be committed to serve the living Christ with some heat, with some fervency, with some passion, with some commitment. If you want to play games, there’s a lot of other places that you can go play games. But, we want to do it according to the Word do we not? And it says do it with fervency. It says, don’t be slothful in this. Zeal matters, passion matters, over, over, over, over, over, over again in the Bible we find, intensity matters, zeal matters, whole heartiness matters, don’t settle for anything less. Too many lazy Christians or at least ‘professing’ lazy Christians. 

Make no mistake about it, the LORD Christ is calling you to put away your idleness, put away your slothfulness, all your laziness, all your half heartedness. Serve Him as a slave with a boiling spirit. That’s what we’re called to do. BRETHREN, DON’T BE SLOTHFUL. DON’T BE IDLE! We have too much sloth, and sluggishness, and slowness in Christians today. I am serving the One who died for me. I am serving the One who gave Himself for me. I am serving Him who gave Himself up a fragrant offering to His Father on my behalf. Now, let that sink in! Beloved, we don’t just want to serve Christ, we want to love Christ. We’re not like those pagans. 

Oh, I’ve got pictures in my mind. Hindus in their yard, with their little doll house looking altars bowing really fast. It is almost like you look at it think “that can’t be real.” We are not like them. We don’t serve our Christ like the pagans all full of fear, all full of terror. Brethren, If Christ would have to stand here right now, you know, He would speak with authority and yet, with compassion. If He had spoken that way, and He said “Look at My wounds, I’ve done this for you. What have you done for Me?” Is this not worth your fervency?