Challenging Christian Quotes

These inspirational and challenging Christian quotes are extracted from books and sermons by godly believers that we hope will challenge and encourage you as you run this race for the Lord Jesus. (For sharing the quotes that are in the image format, you can download them by clicking on the image.)

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There is nothing in the world worth living for but doing good and finishing God’s work, doing the work that Christ did. I see nothing else in the world that can yield any satisfaction besides living to God, pleasing Him, and doing His whole will.

David Brainerd, Two weeks before 29 years old missionary died.

I would be very slow to try to be a public figure beyond my church. If God has a public role for you beyond your church, that will happen without your design. If you strategize for that, it will probably have too much vanity in it to be of great service.

John Piper, C. J. Mahaney Interviews John Piper

To have all the so-called pleasures this mad world scrambles for and yet be under the wrath of God is the most miserable state possible for the creature. To have none of this world’s goods or none of its favor, and yet have the favor and peace of God is a joy priceless beyond measure.

Conrad Murrell

Are our loved ones taken from us, our health and strength reduced, or our financial resources diminished? Is our outward sphere of service curtailed, is our good name attacked? In each and in all of these circumstances we may with confidence remember that God is providing “some better thing” for us; and that in no other way can we be led on into this higher and richer experience.

D. E. Hoste, Prince of God

D. E. Hoste, Prince of God

“You will get at the soul of Scripture when you can keep Jesus with you while you are reading.” & “If the very soul of reading be the understanding of what we read, then we must in prayer call upon the Holy Ghost to unlock the secret mysteries of the inspired word.”

C.H. Spurgeon

A subject of grave concern to all of us today is how we are to go about saving our children. How shall we deliver them from the corrupting influence of a decadent society, the rebellious spirit of the age, a concentrated assault by demons, and their own depraved nature… It is to Him we make our cry. It is in Him that we put our trust. Our bowels yearn within us; and with our faces turned upward to Him we make our plea… “Lord! Save our children!”

Conrad Murrell, Lord! Save Our Children!

When a man really prays it is not a question whether God will hear him or not, He must hear him; not because there is any compulsion in the prayer, but there is a sweet and blessed compulsion in the promise. God has promised to hear prayer and He will perform His promise. As he is the most high and true God, He cannot deny himself. Oh! to think of this; that you, a puny creature, may stand here and speak to God, and through God may move all the worlds.

C.H. Spurgeon

The event that distressed us will pass from memory as a wind that passes and is gone. But what we were while the wind was blowing upon us has eternal consequences.

Amy Carmichael

Samuel Rutherford

William Carey

I have found myself exercised sorely with some particular things that I thought myself most of all freed from. And thus I have ever found it, when I have thought the battle was over and the conquest gained and so let down my watch, the enemy has risen up and done me the greatest injury.

David Brainerd

Jim Elliot

John Calvin
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