For those attending the Denton Conference – just a few reminders:
The weather in Denton, TX for Thursday through Sunday looks as follows:
Highs 64 – 66
Lows  41-52
So, you may want to bring a light jacket?  Of course, the weather is subject to change.
For those staying in the dorms:  please bring your bedding – including sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc.
As mentioned, masks are not required – however, be mindful of those around you.
There is normally a fellowship campfire Friday night – you may want to bring a flashlight.   I know in years past, I would also bring a blanket to sit by the lake.  There is a lake, parents, please keep an eye on your children.
There is lots of time for fellowship, so bring some comfy clothes, for games of basketball, volleyball and there is also miniature golf.
Will we be live streaming the conference? Yes, we plan to via the I’ll Be Honest youtube channel.
Lastly, please pray for the Denton Conference. Pray for the speakers, pray for those attending – may salvation drop down from heaven above.

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