God Is Creating Weakness In Your Life – Paul Washer
Exhortation at Prayer Meeting


Session 1: Knowing The God of The Doctrine – Jesse Barrington [View in Spanish]
Excerpt: Believer: God Loves You Because He Loves You – Jesse Barrington


Pray With Confidence Because God Hears You – Mack Tomlinson
An exhortation from the morning prayer meeting.

Session 2: The Heart Behind the Second Coming – Lee Dodd

Book Table Tour: Advice on Reading Solid Christian Books – Paul Washer, Mack Tomlinson, and Nathan Rages

Pastors, Missionaries, and the Church – Paul Washer
Session to pastors and those aspiring to the ministry.

“I Love the Church” No, You Idolize Your Ministry – Paul Washer
Excerpt from the session, “Pastors, Missionaries, and the Church”.

Session 3: The Gospel to Young People – Paul Washer


Lord, Teach Us to Pray – Paul Washer
Exhortation at Prayer Meeting

Session 4: The Glorious Possibilities of the Ordinary Christian Life – Nathan Rages [View in Spanish]

Q&A: What Does Progressive Sanctification Look Like? – Nathan Rages & Paul Washer

Extra Session: Marriage, Family and Parenting – Paul Washer

Session 5: Christian Certainties: How to Maintain Fellowship With God – Michael Durham


Have Faith in God: Laying Ahold of His Promises in Prayer – Nathan Rages
An exhortation from the morning prayer meeting.

Session 6: My Soul’s Needs and Biblical Keys For Growth – Paul Washer

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