From Drug Cartel to Christ: Héctor’s Testimony

Category: Testimonies, Video
Bible: 2 Kings 5

Good morning. My name is Hector. I’m very nervous. If you see me trembling, pray for me. It’s a privilege to be here. I admire greatly this ministry, but I admire much more what the Lord is doing and continues to do in my life. Surely, you all would agree, that God is good.

I didn’t understand His providence. In your natural state, you try to justify yourself. My father used to tell me, “Why so much violence?” He would say, “Maybe it’s the genetics because you had uncles that were very violent.” It’s natural for men to look for an excuse. Maybe some people don’t come here arguing such an excuse. The reason why we do that is because of the sin that is within us, it is not genetics, it is my sin.

Sin was brought to light in my life through murder, drugs, drug trafficking, violence. At the beginning that produced pleasure. On one occasion a neighbor came and told me, “Hector can I talk to you?” I told them, “Sure, go ahead, why not?” I asked them, “Why do you ask?” The day before Cops came behind me trying to catch me, and there was a lot of problems there. I was happy with that. And Edward (my son), told me, “We’re afraid of you.” I didn’t want fear towards me, I wanted respect. And afterwards I could see how my wife and my children were afraid of me. Everybody in my family feared me. That’s not how it should be.

Inside of me began to form a conscience, but I was a Catholic. And I would do the prayers, and I would participate in it, and it didn’t work. In Ephesians 2 Paul talks about how we are dead in our trespasses and sins. How long did it take you and I to realize that it was because of our spiritual death. A drug addict doesn’t understand the truth. A mobster doesn’t recognize the truth. His pride, ego, and power prevent him from seeing such. How many here have pride, ego, and power, but Ephesians 2:1 teaches us that we were dead without Christ. It also says that He gave us live in Christ.

I didn’t understand how He gave me life. A doctor shared the word with me, I was bleeding out of my mouth, I was using the restroom, and blood would come out. My family had left, I had lost 77lb of weight. When I would fix my hair in the mirror I would look down so I didn’t have to look at my face. When I looked at myself I saw the marks of the drugs in my face. The marks of my sin. How many times can you see in a mirror, and the mercy of God shows you the marks of your sins of today and yesterday, after being a murderer, or apart of the mob, but it’s the same for he who doesn’t have Christ, he is dead. The Lord was faithful and He kept me. Then I understood that there was a purpose for my life. Out of that group in the cartel that I was in, there are only two of us that are alive today, everybody else is dead. I’m standing here before you talking to you about who has given me life, and the One who is life. It’s Jesus Christ.

I was looking for the truth in Catholicism. It was easier to go to a priest and for him to tell me, “I forgive you.” But to go before Him who knows your thoughts and sees the intentions of your thoughts and mind, we don’t want to go before Him. And even Christians today, we can still struggle with going before him and confessing before Him – spiritual pride. I was carnally proud. Someone who handled a lot of money, and told people what to do. And I couldn’t go before a man, much lest a man that you could not see.

The last person that I worked for, he was a hitman. I attend a church and thought I was a Christian. The Lord allowed me to get sick again, the blood came back, I lost my sight. I don’t like to use glasses, but without glasses I can’t see. My wife wasn’t with us. Now I understand how women can get desperate. The religion was killing me now more than the mob or the cartel. This person went and looked for me, and told me, “you don’t have money.” I said, “No I don’t have money.”…

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