Don’t Go Away From Christ!

Category: Excerpts

Sometimes Christians feel that they can’t come to Christ for help. Sometimes they feel that Christ won’t help them because of their sin. But these feelings are all lies. Christ tells them to come to the throne of grace, not the throne of worthiness.

But Jesus said, v. 16, “They need not go away…” You give them something to eat. And of course, He does this miracle here in the feeding of the 5,000. But what I want to focus on: “They need not go away.” You see, the people were hungry. The hour was late. They were in a secluded place, a desolate place. So it seemed obvious that the people needed to go away to the surrounding towns and the villages in order to buy something to eat. They were convinced they needed to go away from Jesus. That’s what they had to do they thought. But Jesus is sufficient for them as He is for you. He can meet their needs. He had great compassion on them and He said, “You need not go away.” Well, maybe there are some Christians here going through trials or going through much suffering. Well, certainly don’t go away from the Lord when you’re going through trials. You need not bear your burdens alone. Go to Jesus. Cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you. Maybe there are some here who feel tempted. Maybe in times of temptation, you come under great temptation and so you feel dirty. You feel guilty. So you feel you must go away from Jesus. But Jesus says here you need not go away. He is the great High Priest who sympathizes with your weaknesses. He tells you in His Word in times of temptation go boldly to His throne of grace. But you might say how can I go boldly in such times where my thoughts are polluted by sin? The answer is it’s a throne of grace, not a throne of worthiness. You see, sometimes when Christians, they think they can’t go because they’re too guilty. But no, it’s a throne of grace. Grace is unmerited favor. So you don’t have to be worthy enough to go there. You need not go away in such times of temptation. Go boldly to Christ and find your help. Hideaway in Him.