The Desperate Cry of a Lost Sheep

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The Shepherd cannot resist the desperate cry of a lost sheep who wants Him alone. He will go to great lengths to save that sheep from the peril of death that he faces.

I’ll close with one last illustration. How does God save? This illustration is from a little book I read, by Mary Jones, Parables of the Welsh Farm Life. It’s a beautiful book. But She says that one day a sheep is in a field and he sees the grass greener on the other side. And so it walks off and it doesn’t realize, it goes off a cliff and falls down, and it is stranded there on a precipice further down.

All it’s got below is a drop. It can’t reach above. The sheep starts bleating and crying.

The next day he sees, on the other side, the farmer walk past with the sheep. The sheep cries out, the shepherd takes a glance, and looks away, as if he is ignoring it. Doesn’t save.

The next day it happens again. The sheep’s crying out, the shepherd passes by. Just gives it a casual glance, almost as if he hasn’t seen it, as if he doesn’t care, and carries on. But eventually this little sheep gets to the point of starvation. He gets desperate. Then it makes this ever so tender bleat, this desperate bleat of desperation. The farmer passes by. That’s the sound he’s been waiting for, the sound of desperation. The shepherd, he goes up, and lowers himself by the ropes. He takes the sheep, and the Shepherd takes it home with him.

Now, why didn’t he move in there sooner? Well, if he had gone in there while the sheep had some strength, then the sheep may have tried to jump at the shepherd, and done something and fallen off and plunged to it’s death. But the shepherd waited to the point of desperation, and went down.

And why did the farmer risk his life to save the little sheep? Well the answer given was, once he hears that bleat, it pricks his heart and he can’t resist.

And listen, God can’t resist the cry of a desperate sinner who wants Him alone. And this calls faith to work through love, a faith that clings to Him. So I encourage you, make sure you have the faith that works through love. Look at the love of God. You see, this is what motivates us, we love Him because He first loved us. Consider, how much Christ loves us.

Excerpt taken from the full sermon, Does Your Faith Work Through Love?