Challenging Christian Quotes

These inspirational and challenging Christian quotes are extracted from books and sermons by godly believers that we hope will challenge and encourage you as you run this race for the Lord Jesus. (For sharing the quotes that are in the image format, you can download them by clicking on the image.)

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If I had spent more time alone with God rather than preaching and planning how I was going to change the world, I would be a very different man.

Leonard Ravenhill, In Light of Eternity, pg. 496

Hudson Taylor said that his mission prayed for money in China and a wealthy American lady sent what they needed. This happened again and again. Then one time they prayed and nothing happened; no money came in from anywhere. Taylor then realized that he was looking to that lady to meet the need and the Lord cut off the supply. They repented and then money began to come in right away from Australia. –

Leonard Ravenhill, In Light of Eternity pg. 443

The man who will not lay down his lifestyle for God will never lay down his life for Him.

Leonard Ravenhill, In Light of Eternity, pg. 430

“The man…looking at him with a smile that only half concealed his contempt, inquired, ‘Now Mr. Morrison do you really expect that you will make an impression on the idolatry of the Chinese Empire?’ ‘No sir,’ said Morrison, ‘but I expect that God will.”

Robert Morrison, Missionary to China

Joseph Hart, Hymn: Prayer is Appointed to Convey

It is a sad commentary on theological education that most seminaries and Bible colleges virtually neglect the Holy Spirit’s role in preaching specifically and in the Christian ministry in general. Most homiletic courses on preaching only pay lip service to this vital area of truth.

Mack Tomlinson, In Light of Eternity, pg. 342

Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill

We have somehow got hold of the idea that error is only that which is outrageously wrong; and we do not seem to understand that the most dangerous person of all is the one who does not emphasize the right things.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Sermon on the Mount, 2: 244

I remember the time when I was afraid to die…. But on coming to Christ and being saved by him, I passed from that state to another, that of being afraid to live, for I feared that if I lived I might do something that would dishonor the Lord, and I would rather die a hundred times than do such a thing. But thanks be to God, I did not remain long in this state, for I saw clearly that it was possible to live in the world without dishonoring God.

Robert Chapman, Apostle of Love, p. 27

Perish means perish; it does not mean go out of existence. It is the opposite to eternal life. It is the same as that place where their “worm dieth not and their fire is not quenched.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans, vol. 2, p. 107

The worst sin of all is the false thinking about God of which the natural man is so terribly guilty.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans, vol. 7, p. 44

Trouble makes earth undesirable and causes heaven to loom up large in the horizon of hope. There is a world where trouble never comes. But the path of tribulation leads to that world. Those who are there went there through tribulation.

E. M. Bounds, pg. 111 – The Complete Works

When I come to die, I shall have my greatest grief and my greatest joy – my greatest grief that I have done so little for Jesus; and my greatest joy that Jesus has done so much for me. My last words shall be: “Here goes an unprofitable servant!”

William Grimshaw, pg. 176 – William Grimshaw of Haworth by Faith Cook

He has heard my prayers, not now and then, nor once nor twice, but so many times, that it has grown into a habit with me to spread my case before God with the absolute certainty that whatsoever I ask of God, he will give it to me. It is not now a “perhaps” or a possibility. I know that my Lord answers me, and I dare not doubt, it were indeed folly if I did.

C.H. Spurgeon, Sermon: The Golden Key of Prayer
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