Christ and Adam: Comparing and Contrasting

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The Old Testament foreshadowed and pointed to Jesus Christ. One of the specific ways it pointed to Christ was through types, and one of the specific types of Christ is Adam. How does the Bible compare and contrast Adam and Christ (the second Adam)?

Excerpt from the full sermon, “Jesus Christ Fulfilled the Law“.

Adam is a type – a foreshadow – of Jesus Christ. Like in the hymn we sing at Christmastime, “Hark, the herald angels sing…” It refers to Christ there as the second Adam – the second Adam from above. Listen to this. Listen to the contrast and comparisons between the first Adam whom God created in the Garden of Eden – the first man who was a foreshadow of the second Adam or the last Man, the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the contrast and comparisons here. The first Adam was created in the image and the likeness of God, whereas the last Adam – Jesus Christ – is the image of the invisible God. The first Adam rebelled in the garden and puts himself in the place of God, whereas the second Adam – Jesus Christ – was God, but in order to save us, He puts Himself in the place of man. The first Adam, before he fell, he did not toil nor sweat. Then, toil and sweat were given to him as part of the judgment for sin. Whereas the second Adam – Jesus Christ – in the Garden of Gethsemane, He labored and toiled for us in prayer and sweat great drops of blood. The first Adam was given thorns as part of the curse. The second Adam – Jesus Christ – wore a crown of thorns bearing our curse. The first Adam in the garden sinned at a tree. Jesus Christ, the second Adam, He bore our sins hanging upon a tree – upon the wood of the cross. The first Adam was naked and not ashamed. The second Adam – Jesus Christ – was naked on the cross and bore our shame. The first Adam was looking for a bride suitable for him. The second Adam – Jesus Christ – has come seeking His bride – the believers, you. The first Adam died because he was a guilty sinner. The second Adam – Jesus Christ – died for and on behalf of guilty sinners. To create the bride of the first Adam, his side was opened. To create the bride – us the believers of the second Adam – He was pierced in His side. Listen to this one. The first Adam was a gardener. When Mary went to the tomb after the resurrection, she mistook the second Adam – Jesus Christ – as the gardener. You can’t make this up. God put Adam to sleep in order to create his bride. In order to create the bride of His redeemed, of the second Adam – Jesus Christ – God put Him to the sleep of death. In the garden, God brought to Adam his wife. God gives the believers to the second Adam – Jesus Christ. “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me.” The first Adam gave his bride a commandment. “You shall not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, nor touch it, lest you die.” Christ – the second Adam – gave His bride, His church, a new commandment. “Love one another as I have loved you.” Both Adam and Christ are representative heads of two people. You see, when Adam acted, he acted before God on behalf of the people he represented – the human race. All those who are born of the flesh by physical birth. When Christ, the second Adam, acted, He acted on behalf of His people – the believers – those who are born spiritually. You can just go on and on and on to show how Christ fulfilled the prophetic writings of the Old Testament. This is why He said to them, “You believe Moses. He wrote of Me.”