Are You One of God’s People?

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If you are trusting in something else other than Jesus alone. If you are trusting in something that you have done or things you are doing, to get to Heaven, then it is a certainty, if you die in that state you will perish for all eternity.

However, for all those who will trust in Christ alone as their Savior… for those who trust in Jesus alone, it is an absolute certainty they will be saved. And, consider the Savior is God Himself. He is all powerful, nothing is too hard for Him. So, no matter how helpless you may feel, God is able and He is willing to save you. And the babe in a manger was the God of infinite worth. And so, when He shed His blood to pay the penalty for the sins of His people on Calvary. His payment was of infinite worth. You see, there is no sin too big that cannot stop you from being saved, if you will trust Christ as your Savior. No sin too big. Do you know that Adolph Hitler, after all the wickedness he did. History tells us that he went to Hell. But, if he had repented before he died and seen this glorious Christ and trusted in Him he could have been saved. This is the scandal of the Gospel.

So, how does this apply to you? Well, there’s no sin too big that you may have done. You see, if you are thinking, “But how can that be just for God to save someone like that?” Then, that just means you’re proud, you’re not seeing your own sin. You know, again, as the old Gospel tract goes, if on this screen behind us here, if your thought-life were recorded and it were projected, your thought-life for the past month, how comfortable would you be if everyone in the room was to see it? Would it show a good person? Or would you run in front of the screen and shout, “Stop! Stop!” and try to knock the projector over? You see, we have all sinned against God and need the Savior. But there is no sin too big to come to Him and be saved.

And lastly, He did not come to save everyone, according to this text. But it says He came to save His people. Only those who are His people, He came to save. He came to save no one else. There will be many people in Hell. But none of His people will be in Hell. So, who are His people? Well John 6:37 says, “all the Father gives Me” (this is Jesus speaking) “all the Father gives Me will come to Me. Whoever comes to Me I will in no wise cast out.” In John 6:39, “this is the will of Him who sent Me, that I should lose nothing of all that He has given me, but raise it up on the last day.” So, God the Father has promised a people for His Son Jesus. These were people who lived before the Cross who trusted in the promise that God would send that Savior. And the people who lived after the Cross who would come to trust in Jesus as their Savior. God the Father promised a people for His Son Jesus and He will save His people from their sins. They will come to Him, all that the Father has given Him “will come to Me.” And of all those who come to Him He says, “I will lose none,” but He will raise them up on the last day. Certainly they will be resurrected in Heaven.

So, the question in closing is are you one of His people? Are you relying upon Christ alone as your only hope to Heaven? Or are you relying upon something else? A Christ plus? Don’t try and add your filthy rags to His perfect garment. Have you owned your own sins? Or are you still making excuses? Are you still trying to go to God saying “I’m not that bad.”? The only way you can go to Him is as a guilty sinner. Or do you want to be free of sin? Do you long to be free of sin? Or are you trying to have non-negotiable’s to hold onto certain things? You see, those are the marks of His people against those who are not His people. So, how do you become one of His people? Well, Jesus said, “He who comes to me, I will by no means cast out.” You go no where else but Jesus Christ. Stop trying to save yourself. Stop trying to recommend yourself to God. Stop trying to clean up your life to make yourself good enough. Realize you can’t save yourself. And realize the promised Savior, the only Savior, the all sufficient Savior is God Himself. And go to Him as a guilty sinner. Confessing your sins saying, “Look, I don’t deserve to be saved, I deserve to be in Hell, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, But I come to you, trusting in the merits of Christ’s blood. That He shed His blood for every one of my sins, past, present, and future on that Cross.” He promises to save all who come to Him on that basis. As it says in John 6:40, “Jesus said, ‘for this is the will of the Father that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in Him should have eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day.” Look to the Son of God! This God who became a babe in a manger. And He came in human form…why? So that He could stand in your place on the Cross, and take your penalty for your sins. Pay the penalty in full. “Oh, come to the Father through Jesus the Son.” He is the only means by which you can go to God. “And give Him the glory, great things He has done!”

So, I encourage you, if you haven’t already, go to God through the merits of Jesus Christ! Stop trying to make excuses for your own sins! Stop trying to hang on to them! Stop trying to be good enough! He did not come to save people who can make themselves good enough. But He came to save people who need saving, who are helpless. Go to Him as a guilty sinner confessing your sin. Say, “I don’t deserve to be saved. I have nothing to offer you, I have no merits in and of myself. I am a guilty wretched sinner!” Go to Him like that! But, go trusting that I believe your promise that your Son died for me on that Cross that when He shed His blood everyone of my sins was placed upon Him.

From the moment you believe that, from the moment you see that Christ has paid it all. From the moment that you rely upon Him, God will never charge you with any sins again because He has seen that His Son has answered for every one of them on that Cross. Every single one of your sins, past, present, and future. And not only that, He will adopt you. God will adopt you as His child, bring you into His Kingdom, bring you up as an heir of everything with Christ! And He will bring you up, raise you up as a child. God will train you in the way of righteousness. And He will cleanse you, one by one, taking those sins away. He will, like a loving father chastens the son in whom he loves, He will bring you under His care and chastening. He will keep you on that narrow road and He will make sure that you make it to Heaven, make it to Him. You can know the living God! Don’t die without Him! Trust in Christ alone as your Savior! And He is life itself.

You know when the Bible speaks of eternal life, everyone in one sense lives forever, those in Hell will live forever. But you see, eternal life is a quality of life. Those ultimately in Heaven where every day gets better and better knowing God, a world without sin, a world of love. But eternal life starts now. Knowing God starts now for those who will trust in Him. So, trust Christ as your Savior. I trust no other source or name, no where else can I hide. No where else! “Rock of ages cleft for me let me hide myself in Thee.” Trust in Christ alone I bid you.